Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Screw the Times!

Following a post about a fave journalist, here's a post about one who deserves little or no respect. I am insensed that the imbeciles at the Times have wrecked NightJack's blog and his career by outing him.

Journalists often wax lyrical about going to prison to protect their sources and this kind of thing. Enter modern times and the phenomenon of the Blogger. We have a situation where an individual has cut out the middle man and taken the reality of Policing in 21st century Britain straight to the people.

This was clearly too much for the Times and one of their hacks called Patrick Foster.

NightJack went to court to try and protect himself from the Times and lost.

No doubt Journalists would cite a lofty public interest defence in not disclosing their sources. But when someone has cut out the middle man, i.e. Journalists, it would seem these same journalists don't care any more about the public interest.

With this kind of hypocrisy, and these kinds of Journalists and Newpapers - who can blame someone for wanting to cut them out of the process of talking directly to the public in a blog?

Patrick Foster and the Times deserve your comments on their actions - feel free to email Foster at Remember to tell him what a complete tosser he is.

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