Monday, 27 April 2009

Luton gives its verdict

The actions of a group of people that shouldnt even be in the country got many people very upset quite recently. I am referring of course to the militant Islamic protesters who demonstrated against the Royal Anglians in Luton.

I am pleased to say that clearly the good people of Luton made their voice very clear!

Check out this youtube video.

Lets hope that the counter demos organised don't get taken over by the loutish football thug element. Remember that by giving yourself over to hate in this kind of situation will just make you as bad as they are.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Poverty. Another word to be suspicious of.

I am thinking about this subject today because of this report by the Child Poverty Action Group (*1). Poverty is a word oft trotted out but rarely is it actually defined, and when it is, then I have never heard a debate so far as to whether the definition is accurate.

Poverty now sounds like another word that has been devalued because generally there's an unhealthy dose of cobblers surrounding its use.

Other words to be suspicious of include Community and Partnership. Anything, usually in the related to the public sector, that contains these words should be treated with suspicion.

But as for poverty? Well I am sure real poverty is a serious issue but the term is used and abused without too much though it seems. I am sure we're all right to be concerned about squalor which must exist here too but what about this poverty thing? How often do we hear of ‘families’ on benefits who coin it on a PAYE salary of £50k or more, and get a car chucked in for good measure?

How often do you see interviews with the ‘poor’ and there’s a nice fat flat screen TV in the corner. So often these people seem to have a nice little life thanks very much. Of course its well known that around 1million of the multimillions on sickness benefit could actually work if they chose to do so.

Any debate on ‘poverty’ should go hand in hand with a concerted effort to remove benefit from slackarse quite often Labour voting scroungers. According to the telegraph article ‘Campaigners estimate than an extra £3billion would have to be spent in benefits and tax credits for the worst-off in order to reduce the number of children living in poverty’. I havent read the report but i wonder if it suggests anywhere where this money should come from.

Of course any competent reputable government would ensure that children are properly funded by the sperm donors (absent fathers) who are jointly responsible for their presence on this earth. But could Labour cope with this challenge by getting the CSA to work? (*2) Of course not. The complete fools.

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Things I don't like

Things I don’t like

The Government
The Labour Party
Sky high immigration
American presidents who are not very clever.
Celebrity culture
BBC bias.
Ian Hislop
Stand up comedians who get political
People with no values.
Sky high immigration
Dangerous drivers (see last)
Sky high immigration
Moral equivalence

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Polish immigration - the price gets even higher

What a dreadful and completely tragic story - a carload of innocent people wiped out by a Polish immigrant going the wrong way on the motorway.

You can scarcely comprehend how awful this must be for the remaining family of the family members wiped out by this.

The story is here :

I wonder if it will turn out that the driver in this case had been drinking.

This is particularly likely as figures from one course provider show that more than one in ten drink drivers on their courses are from Eastern Europe (*1)

Eastern Europeans caught by roadside breath tests are also twice as likely as the average drink driver to be serious offenders who have at least two-and-a-half times the legal limit of alcohol in their systems (*1).

Also, the Motor Insurance Bureau said the number of crashes involving uninsured Polish vehicles had risen from 938 in 2004 to 3,312 last year. It had also dealt with 745 cases involving uninsured Lithuanian vehicles last year, up from 232 in 2004. The MIB is lobbying for a European-wide database of insurance policies to allow police to check instantly whether a foreign vehicle is insured.(*1).

As you would expect from a Labour government no record is kept on the number of foreign vehicles in the country(*1), much like their attitude to immigrants in general of course.

Foreign drivers also tend to have a poor grasp of British traffic laws (*1). In fact one force had to waste tax payers money on translating drink drive campaign messages into Polish to try and get the message across. (*2). Its not just drink driving either. DoT figures suggest one in five foreign drivers stopped at random by police is in breach of UK motoring law - nearly double the number of UK offenders. (*3)

Clearly there is no checking of the number of foreign cars here, and therefore presumably no data on the number of foreigners who can legally drive under the present arrangements, its very hard to know if the cars are safe or insured. These foreign drivers dont have to have their cars registered or checked for safety for six months to a year and they dont have to know British road law.

The post 2004 EU accession arrangements (courtesy of Labour) allowed the deluge of Eastern European immigrants into the country. Clearly and most characteristically for these incompetent (lethal) buffoons they failed on many many accounts to prepare a proper framework for this.

And is it therefore any surprise that this kind of tragedy is now more likely to happen?

Another thing we can thank the Labour Party for.


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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Some things I like

Hi! I am Bertie Humbug. I shall rant here.
Meanwhile :
Things I like

Going for walks in the sun.
Nice food.
Feeling loved.
Feeling happy.
The British Military
And a few other things besides.