Monday, 13 July 2009

The Hypocrisy of the Left

It never ceases to amaze me that those who support Labour seem to think that their party is somehow the party of the less well off.

They consistently manage to ignore the stark facts about just how rich and privileged some of these supposed heroes of the working class actually are. There are plenty of Labourites with substantial material wealth who indulge themselves with the benefits it brings.

There have also been plenty of recent examples where Labourites could have partaken personally in the less than privileged status of some of those they try to make believe they care about so much. Take schools, for example. The children of the little people could go to Gas Street Compo, but these were simply not good enough for the likes of the Harriet Harman or Diane Abbott and they sent their kids elsewhere.

If you're going to give the impression you're down with the undertrodden, the poor, the masses your actions need to speak louder than your words. So often the hypocrisy of these people shines through.

This doesnt stop the left from holding on to their prejudices though of course. I recently read a disjointed and ill concieved post from one of the lefts' number on a webpage somewhere. He seemed to indicate being a 'Tory' was about Garden Parties, champagne and strawberries. Naturally I had to reply.
Here is what I said :

"Maybe you’d like to recall there was a kerfuffle when rich boy Osborne met rich boy Mandelson on an even richer boys yacht.

What do you think Mandelson was doing there – thinking of new and ever more creative ways of improving the lot of the proletariat? Of course not – he was milking the trappings of his rich and privileged position.

Oh and how about your bent former Prime Minister Bliar? What about his £4million house in Central London?

Do you think he has champagne and strawberries in the fridge? I bet he does.

He’s milking the trappings of his privileged position too. But like Mandelson I expect his mind never wanders far from the task of thinking about new and ever more creative ways of improving the lot of the proletariat."



  1. The problem is if you keep pushing the poorest into a corner they might well decide politic as it is might be better served by voting for the BNP or UKIP...

    The fact is we should not have had two BNP MEP's but they are now in, how about having two BNP MP's it's a possibility as people look at labour and the Tories and say well your looking after Middle England who the f*ck is looking after me nobody, so I'll vote for a nobody.

  2. I think the main support base for the BNP are disaffected Labour voters who have suffered particularly badly under their own Government which backs up what I am saying about the Left being hypocrites.

    Labour are responsible for the rise of the BNP in the main with the Conservatives helping matters due to not talking about immigration in an attempt to 'decontaminate their brand'. I think they've gone too far, and have a number of issues with David Cameron though I believe that as so often in politics he was the least worst option.